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Life is in the pauses, not in the inhalation or exhalation but the moment in between- the Pause. The pause where everything and nothing co-exists. Where you know too much and know nothing, have too much and have nothing. That very pause where you stop doing things a certain way and rediscover!

SATAT is that rediscovery of lifestyle, a state of consciousness, about a product’s lifecycle from conception to cessation.

The jewellery crafted at SATAT is handcrafted from Reclaimed Teak wood following a process that is practiced and done since olden times.


Beautifully handcrafted with the tools of tradition these pieces originate from the idea of jewellery made through a sustainable process. Bringing back the way things were made before, each piece by SATAT is unique and is made with accuracy inculcating the brilliant skills of local craftsmen.


Our Designs are based on contemporary Indian art and craft and stem from inspiration by tribal geometric patterns and visuals from local arts and crafts.

Our pieces are 100% handcrafted and are created through an elaborate and patient process of 15-20 steps. Every step is carefully done to get these beautiful and unique pieces as an end product.


The pigments we use in our jewellery are extracted from natural elements like Gypsum, Indigo, Turmeric, Kohl, Dried Beetroot, Indian Madder and Geru (Ochre Clay). The layer of these natural pigments are covered and secured with a thin layer of varnish so that the natural color doesn't fade off and wash away. This synthetic ingredient is used, to make the pieces more durable and long lasting. 


One of the most functional aspect of our jewellery is that they are very light weight and comfortable to wear.



We at SATAT, not only create sustainable products but also believe in fair trade and supporting artisans. The new generation of artisans are drifted from this field due to better opportunities in the academic field. In order to sustain this craft we need more and more people supporting it in order to create much better opportunities for them.


We have saved 21.3 lb CO2 equivalent of carbon footprint through reusing secondary packaging(cartons/ boxes) at SATAT

We have also saved 8.25 kg of CO2 equivalent carbon footprint by replacing plastic pouches with scrap fabric pouches for sending out SATAT Jewellery


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